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Use this new guidebook that will be published in 2024 to explore old-growth forests in
Ontario’s Greenbelt! See an excerpt below:

Green Belt Old Growth.webp

Ontario's Old-Growth Forests: A Guidebook

Old-growth forests in Ontario are incredibly varied, from thousand-year-old cedars that hang from cliffs to pine trees towering over 13 storeys tall. Written by Mike Henry and Peter Quinby, Ontario's Old-Growth Forests is a guidebook that leads explorers through these tree colonies with maps and directions, while providing readers with a deep understanding of old-growth forest ecology.

The long-anticipated second edition is now available. This edition introduces more sites in southern Ontario, including urban old-growth forests, existing only a bus or bike ride from millions of people. Also included is an expanded chapter on forest conservation, which offers solutions in the face of today's many threats to our forests.

Ontario's Old-Growth Forests.jpg

Buy it at your local independent bookstore, at Chapters Indigo, or on Amazon.

Michael Henry’s beautiful book reminds us of the richness and fragility of our ecological inheritance. It’s a wake up call on the need for us to protect, renew, and get us to a place where we’re living in balance with nature. Like Rachel Carson, Michael Henry’s book comes from a place of great love for nature and biodiversity, and a passion for what we need to do.

Bob Rae, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, Former Premier of Ontario

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