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Provincial Scale


Research Reports

Conserving Southern Ontario’s Eastern Hemlock Forests: Opportunities to Save a Foundation Tree Species.    Appendix 1a. Hemlock Handout. Appendix 1b. HWA detection handout. Appendix 2. Site Descriptions of High  Conservation Value Eastern Hemlock Forests (RR#38, 2019)


Thoughts on Refining Gap Analysis in Central Ontario (RR#24, 2000)


Thoughts on an Interim Conservation Strategy for Old-Growth Red and White Pine Forests in Ontario (RR#03,  1993)

Forest Landscape Baseline Reports

Definitions and Types of Old-growth Forests with Ontario Examples (FLB#38, 2020)


Minimum Diameters for Old-Growth Trees in Ontario’s Northern Temperate Forests (FLB#36, 2020)

Rare, Threatened and Endangered Forest Ecosystems in Ontario’s Temperate Forest Region (FLB#34, 2019)

The Temagami-Algonquin Wildlife Corridor (FLB#22, 2002)

Affidavit Of Peter A. Quinby In The Ontario Court Case: Algonquin Wildlands League And Friends Of Temagami Vs. The Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources (FLB#19, 1999)

Using Multi-Layer Vegatation Data and Slope Position to Refine Biodiversity Assessment in Central Ontario: Preliminary Results (FLB#18, 1999)

Recommendations for Protected Areas in Central Ontario: Presentation to the Lands for Life, Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Round Table Committee (FLB#16, 1997)

Characteristics of Ancient Forest Landscapes Larger than 20,000 Hectares in the Lake Temagami Site Region of Ontario (FLB#12, 1996) 

An Overview of Ancient Forest Ecology in the Lake Temagami Site Region (FLB#11, 1996)

Towards a Superior-Temagami Corridor (FLB#10, 1995)

Preliminary Results Bulletins

A rapid survey of Oakview Woods: an old-growth forest in Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, Ontario (PRB#05, 2018)

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