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Recent Press Coverage

Call for Conservation ReserveThe Highlander (2023)

HHLT Participates in Catchacoma Old Growth Forest Hike, (2023)

Buckhorn: Write to Piccini to protect the Catchacoma Old-growth Forest, Peterborough Examiner (2023)

Peterborough environmental group urges local MPP to put climate crisis action on Ford government’s agenda, (2023)

What does an old-growth forest look like in Ontario? The Narwhal (2022)

What does it take to protect a rare Old Growth forest in Ontario? (2022)

MECP Minister rejects protection for Catchacoma forest, Peterborough Examiner (2022)

Peterborough letter: Protect Ontario turtles where they live, Peterborough Examiner (2022)

Connecting with the environment and community at the 2022 ReFrame Film                       (2022)

Immediate Action Needed to Protect Ontario’s Old-growth Forests, (2021)

Peterborough letter: Piccini could prove himself via Catchacoma Forest, Peterborough Examiner (2021)

Fundraiser underway for documentary film about efforts to protect old-growth trees in Peterborough County’s Catchacoma Forest, (2021)

Time is Running Out for Catchacoma, Peterborough Examiner (2021)

We Need to Protect Rare Ecosystems: A Response to 'Support Loggers', National Post (2021)

Opinion: Support loggers, don't vandalize them. They're environmental heroes, National Post (2021)

Catchacoma Forest Logger Deserves Conservationists’ Respect, Peterborough Examiner (2020)

A Catastrophe at the Catchacoma Forest, Peterborough Examiner (2020)

Guardians of Peterborough County’s Hemlock Forest, Peterborough Examiner (2020)

Green Giants, Ontario Nature (2020)

Exploring the Forest, Deep in the Land Between, Peterborough Examiner (2020)

The Catchacoma Forest and Climate Change, (2020)

Catchacoma Forest Isn't Endangered Old Growth, Peterborough Examiner (2020)

Where Trees have Stood for Centuries in Peterborough and the Kawarthas, Peterborough Examiner (2020)

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