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Journeys in Ancient and Old Growth Forests

What We Do

Ancient Forest Exploration & Research (AFER) is a non-profit charitable organization formed in 1992.  We are dedicated to research and education focused on ancient and old-growth forests in Ontario.  AFER’s research has identified and described old-growth forests throughout Ontario including the Temagami region, Algonquin Park, the Lower Spanish Forest, the GTA Greenbelt area, and Peterborough County.  AFER has also mapped and described three wildlife corridors in Ontario including the Algonquin to Adirondacks Wildlife Corridor, the Temagami to Algonquin Wildlife Corridor, and the Superior-Temagami Wildlife Corridor.

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Our Research

Get Involved


AFER is a small not-for-profit organization that greatly appreciates any and all donations! Donations allow us to continue the research we do in Ontario's old-growth forests. 


Interested in exploring some old-growth forests in Ontario and getting involved in citizen science? AFER is often looking for volunteers to help us with our current research. Contact us to find out more about these opportunities. 

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