Temagami is renowned for canoeing, but there are also a number of opportunities to get out of your canoe and into the forest.

Blueberry Lake is less than 2 hours by canoe from the town of Temagami. The Blueberry Lake Ecology Trails are the best interpretive trails in Temagami. Explore 250 year old red and white pine forest, climb a red pine ridge for a view, visit the area of a 1996 forest fire, and see three different species of carnivorous plants in the wetlands around the lake. Blueberry Lake itself is a great place to hang out, with reasonable campsites. A comprehensive and easy-to-use trail guide leads you through the sights. Read it on-line or order it by mail

Obabika Lake North (or Shish Kong) is the largest stand of old growth white and red pine forest in the world. This stand was saved from logging in 1989 by peaceful protests which lead to the arrest of 360 protestors. See spectacular old growth, beautiful small lakes, and towering cliffs. Worth checking out! There are two very good campsites near the trail-head, but in peak season they may be occupied since canoe routes through Obabika Lake are very popular.Read the Obabika trail guide on-line.

White Bear Forest can be reached on foot in a few hours from the town of Temagami, or by a short boat trip on Cassels Lake. This stand was saved from logging by a 5-year effort of the local community, which culminated with the complete protection of White Bear Forest in 1996. The forest is undoubtedly very old; shortly after it was protected a red pine tree there was aged at 400 years old. This tree was only 55 cm (about two feet) in diameter - so look twice at the trees in the White Bear forest, they may be older than they appear! The stand is large and diverse, and it is hard to see all of it even in a full day of hiking. There are no campsites in the stand, and camping options nearby are very limited. A Guide to the White Bear Forest leads you through the unique history and ecology of the stand. Read it on-line or order it by mail

Temagami Island has a relatively small network of trails, but the island is one of the most beautiful, dense stands of old growth pine you could hope to see. Because it is only a short boat trip from the end of the Temagami access road, and is also along many of Temagami's canoe routes, it may be the best trail for you if you have limited time, and is worth visiting under any circumstances. Read the Temagami Island trail guide on-line.

You can consult A Field Guide to Selected Old-Growth Red and White Pine Forests in Ontario for information on some stands in Algoma, the Lower Spanish, Temagami and Algonquin.