Journeys in ancient and old growth forests

Old tree surveys

old trees survey first pageThere are more old trees on the landscape  than we used to think, and we need to know where they are in order to conserve them, to collect seed from them, and to learn from them.

Ancient Forest Exploration & Research has developed a survey data sheet for identifying old trees and old-growth forests. It includes descriptions and photos of visual cues for recognizing old trees. Click here for an optimized pdf of this datasheet (here for highest quality pdf), or click on the image to the right.

Who should use this datasheet? Naturalist groups, woodlot owners, municipal planners, conservation authorities and anyone else who wants to look for old trees. We hope it will help:

  • municipalities who are developing official plans and want to inventory their old-growth resources.
  • woodlot owners who want to conserve old-growth forests and genetically important old trees.
  • citizens concerned about crown land use planning
  • any other land managers who want to inventory their old-growth resources or identify significant woodlands.
  • anyone who wants to contribute to our understanding or conservation of old-growth forest or old trees.

AFER is partnering with University of Toronto to locate old trees and old-growth forests in the Toronto ravines in 2017, which will be a trial run for this type of survey.

Let us know if you’re using the survey, or contact us with inquiries at: