Journeys in ancient and old growth forests
Morningside tributary ravine 
A steep ravine near the Rouge River protects 130-year-old white pine and hemlocks estimated to be over 200 years old.
Park Name:  
Size: 10 ha
Age of oldest known trees: 200 years
Forest Type: Mixed Hardwood, Hemlock, and White Pine 
Conservation Status: Protected 
Land Use Designation:  
Designated as an ANSI 
This is a steep, heavily wooded 10 ha ravine near the Rouge River in Toronto. Cedar-hemlock slopes are old growth, visual characteristics of the hemlock suggest they are 200-300 years old, and remnant white pines are 120+ years old. A beautiful valley that is only accessible by an unofficial but well-established and easy trail. The trail skirts old hemlock forest and ends at the creek bed. Both sides of the creek have old-growth forest. When visiting Ontario's hemlock forests in late winter or spring before leaf-out, please watch for hemlock woolly adelgid.
Latitude: 43.81000           Longitude: -79.19300

Google Map Link:,-79.19300

Other Maps:   Directions: A multi-use trail passes near by (access at Upper Rouge Trail and Bald Eagle Ave). An informal trail starts just west of a small tributary (43.8094,-79.1923) and leads down to the creek.