Journeys in ancient and old growth forests
Wesleyville Ravines 
Old hemlock, sugar maple, and red oak forest in hidden ravines on Ontario Hydro land. Surprisingly natural but impacted by ATV's and bikes.
Park Name:  
Size: 138 ha
Age of oldest known trees: 160 years
Forest Type: Mixed Hardwood and Hemlock 
Conservation Status: Unprotected 
Land Use Designation: Private (Ontario Hydro) 
This is reported to be the least disturbed forest in the site district, and it definitely feels old and undisturbed except for extensive ATV and dirt bike trails. The oldest trees are 160-180 years old; this is a significant old-growth area and should be managed as such. Access is not obvious, and requires walking along a short fencerow beside a cornfield to reach the ravine, and entering the ravine can involve a short scramble down a dirt bike trail. Please monitor for HWA if visiting in spring.
Latitude: 43.94150           Longitude: -78.40180

Google Map Link:,-78.40180

Other Maps:   Directions: Park at the turnaround at the end of Mail Road, walk down the lane along the left of the fencerow, when you reach the ravine edge you are at the old-growth, the ravine can be accessed from various points. This access is unofficial but is used by locals.