Journeys in ancient and old growth forests
Jackson Creek Old-Growth Forest 
This urban old-growth forest has trees up to 250+ years old. Old growth White Cedar, White Pine and Eastern Hemlock dominate on steep slopes and valley bottom beside Jackson Creek.
Park Name: Jackson Park 
Size: 5 ha
Age of oldest known trees: 256 years
Forest Type: Mixed Hardwood, Hemlock, and White Pine 
Conservation Status: Provisionally Protected 
Land Use Designation: Municipal Park 
Jackson Creek's valley was formed by the torrent of glacial meltwater flowing from the ancient Lakes Algonquin and Jackson through the overlying till to create a glacial spillway approximately 12,000 years ago. At the location of the Jackson Creek Old Growth Forest (JCOGF), near the head of Monaghan road, the spillway creates a steep slope rising approximately 25 metres above the Creek. The north-east facing slopes and valley bottom create ecological conditions that favour White Cedar and Eastern Hemlock, and historically discouraged land clearing and development; which has allowed an old-growth forest to persist here on the hilltop, slopes, and valley bottom. Tall white pines, predominantly found on the hilltop and slopes, reach 168 years old. White cedar reaches 256 years, and Hemlock 204+ years old. When visiting Ontario's hemlock forests in late winter or spring before leaf-out, please watch for hemlock woolly adelgid
Latitude: 44.31300           Longitude: -78.34200

Google Map Link:,-78.34200

Other Maps:   Directions: Follow Monaghan Road to its north end and continue into the parking area, which is adjacent to the old-growth forest