Journeys in ancient and old growth forests
Temagami Island 
One of the more impressively dense old-growth white and red pine forests
Park Name: Temagami Island North Conservation Reserve 
Size: 530 ha
Age of oldest known trees: 270 years
Forest Type: Mixed Hardwoods 
Conservation Status: Protected 
Land Use Designation: Conservation Reserve 
The north of the island is protected as a conservation reserve 
Temagami Island can be divided into a north and south half. The official trail system is on the northern part of the Island, which is protected as a conservation reserve. This is a dramatic, dense old-growth pine forest, dominated by white pine with intermingled red pine and is one of the most striking forests in Ontario, with trees comonly around 250 years old. The south part of Temagami Island is mostly crown land that has been set aside from logging, but is not officially protected from other development. This southern portion of the Island also has a trail that loops around it, though parts of it are on private land. This trail passes through old-growth yellow birch and maple forest with many large towering pines, and mixed pine forests.
Latitude: 46.97400           Longitude: -80.02700

Google Map Link:,-80.02700

Other Maps:   Directions: Temagami Island is the largest island in Lake Temagami. To get there from Hwy. 11, turn west onto the Temagami Access Rd. (south of the Town of Temagami) and drive to the boat launch at the end of the Road. From there, the paddle to Temagami Island is less than 1 hour. There are several trail access points; one of the closest is at 46.974 Lat, -80.027 Long. Temagami Island is located on canoe routes #3 and #6 in Wilson (2004).