Journeys in ancient and old growth forests
Clear Lake 
Most of the large pines were logged from the Clear Lake Forest many decades ago, but large and sometimes extremely old hemlocks that have been aged to at least 400 years remain in places.
Park Name: Clear Lake Conservation Reserve 
Size: 0 ha
Age of oldest known trees: 400 years
Forest Type: Hemlock 
Conservation Status: Protected 
Land Use Designation: Conservation Reserve 
Old-growth forest is scattered through the reserve 
This forest is patchy with a varied land-use history. Some younger pines and hardwoods are mixed throughout the Reserve. Old-growth hemlock forest can be seen along the portage from Clear Lake to Black Cat Lake, especially at the Clear Lake end (400 year old trees are found here), and also around Sampson Pond. The deep, exceptionally clear lakes, rocky shorelines, and beautiful campsites make this area a must, even though more intact old hemlock and hardwood forests can be seen in several parts of Algonquin Park. Watch for ancient cedars on the rocky escarpments and shorelines. While none of these have been aged, some of them could be even older than the hemlocks found here. Reservations are required for camping in the Clear Lake area, and can be made at 705-766-9033 or If you are in the area already, you can reserve your campsite by visiting the Frost Centre, which is on Hwy 35, 12 km north of the turnoff for Little Hawk Lake Rd.
Latitude: 45.18100           Longitude: -78.71300

Google Map Link:,-78.71300

Other Maps:   Directions: Clear Lake can be reached by a short paddle across Big Hawk Lake, south of Dorset. From Hwy. 35, turn west onto Little Hawk Lake Rd. (County Rd. 13) just north of Halls Lake. Skirt the shore of Halls Lake for about 2 km. When the road draws away from the Lake, watch for a road to the left. About 500 m further, there will be an arrow pointing to Big Hawk Lake and the Log Chute. Take this road to the access point to Big Hawk Lake at the boat launch and marina. When it is busy you may have to park along the roadside.