Journeys in ancient and old growth forests
John E. Pearce Provincial Park 
A small patch of moderately old Carolinian forest on the shores of Lake Erie. Trees are at least 160 years old, but historical logging appears to have removed many of the oldest trees.
Park Name: John E. Pearce Provincial Park 
Size: 20 ha
Age of oldest known trees: 160 years
Forest Type: Sugar Maple and Beech 
Conservation Status: Protected 
Land Use Designation: Provincial Park 
The old-growth forest is adjacent to Lake Erie, and makes up roughly a third of the park 
This park is somewhat unique because it preserves a section of older Carolinian Forest that was once typical of the north shore of Lake Erie. You can walk along the park road through towering 30-metre tall trees and emerge to views overlooking the Lake from the top of 30-metre high bluffs. There is no easy way to descend to the Lake. The forest is dominated by sugar maple and beech commonly between 60 and 80 cm in diameter, with a mixture of white ash, shagbark hickory, and other species. The trees are commonly 150-160 years old or more. There appears to have been some historical logging in the Park, which may explain the lack of the largest and oldest classes of trees typical of undisturbed old-growth forest. Rare plants such as yellow Mandarin, stiff gentian, and broad beech fern can be found. Old growth forest is mostly found around the loop of road on the south side of the park, but the Spicer Trail also winds through a range of habitats from young regenerating fields to mature forests. The information and description of this forest are from Ontario's Old-Growth Forests: a Guidebook Complete with History, Ecology and Maps
Latitude: 42.60700           Longitude: -81.44200

Google Map Link:,-81.44200

Other Maps:   Directions: From Hwy. 401, take exit #149 towards Wallacetown. Follow Elgin County Rd. 8 south until you come to a T-intersection, turn left and watch for the entrance to the Park on the right (42.607 Lat, -81.442 Long). You might be better off to park at the entrance, but if the gate is open you can also drive to the top.