Journeys in ancient and old growth forests
Snake Creek old-growth cedar 
This is largely a swamp forest of cedar and scattered tamarack, and the trees are relatively small for their age. Small groves of fairly large upland cedars can also be found here.
Park Name:  
Size: 8 ha
Age of oldest known trees: 250 years
Forest Type: Mixed 
Conservation Status: Unprotected 
Land Use Designation: General use area G389 
Unprotected crown land 
Dominant Species: Eastern White Cedar
Cedars with ring counts up to 250 years have been found in the Snake Creek old growth forest, and a tamarack with a ring count of 161 (estimated age 180). One basswood exhibits signs of very old age, but has not been cored yet. For the most part this is not a very impressive forest, but is an interesting swamp forest along with rare upland groves, and the old tamaracks in the wetland are notable.
Latitude: 45.16530           Longitude: -77.39780

Google Map Link:,-77.39780

Other Maps:   Directions: Follow highway 28 east from Bancroft, turn south on Trout Lake Road and continue on the forest access road. About 2.5 km after the last house turn left onto a small road at 45.159,-77.423 (Snowmobile sign for Denbigh) and follow it for about 2 km. There's a nice grove on the right of the road, the larger old forest is adjacent to Snake Creek along the left of the road, though this wetland forest is less impressive