Journeys in ancient and old growth forests
Letchworth State Park 
The dramatic 170-meter deep canyon protects numerous groves of old-growth forest, most of which are difficult to access. An exception is the Lower Falls Terrace Woods, a 3 ha old-growth hemlock and sugar maple forest that is reached via the Footbridge Trail.
Park Name: Letchworth State Park 
Size: 80 ha
Age of oldest known trees: 400 years
Forest Type: Mixed 
Conservation Status: Protected 
Land Use Designation: State Park 
From Davis (2005): [In the park, there are believed to be] 12 stands of old growth. The Western New York Old Growth Forest Survey team has visited and confirmed five sites totaling approximately 75 acres. Park naturalist Doug Bassett has told them that the park has an additional seven stands totaling 100 to 150 acres. Sites confirmed by the Survey are: --Eastern Red-cedar growing in clusters on the canyon face and rim over a distance of seven miles. The red-cedar are 200 to 500 years in age. The cliff face totals approximately 30 acres. --Lower Falls Terrace Woods. Seven acres of old-growth hemlock and Sugar Maple on a terrace between the canyon top and the Genesee River. Trees are very tall and include a 140-foot White Ash. --Dehgayasoh Woods. Twelves acres of hemlock, beech, Sugar Maple, and White Pine, over 200 years in age, in a deep side ravine. --Great Bend Gorge Bottom. Twenty-five acres of old growth on an upland terrace at the bottom of the Great Bend portion of Letchworth Gorge (Kershner 2002; Bassett 1993). More information from the Native Tree Society Bulletin Board. Hemlock woolly adelgid has been present in the park since at least 2012.
Latitude: 42.58548           Longitude: -78.02678

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