Journeys in ancient and old growth forests
Cataraqui Trail 
The 103 km-long Cataraqui Trail cuts through diverse forest types including (sometimes old) hemlock forest. However areas surrounding the trail are mostly private land.
Park Name:  
Size: 0 ha
Age of oldest known trees: 120 years
Forest Type: Mixed Hardwood, Hemlock, and White Pine 
Conservation Status: Protected 
Land Use Designation: Mixed, mostly private land 
Dominant Species: Eastern Hemlock - Eastern White Pine
The Cataraqui Trail is a year-round, shared-use recreation trail running approximately 103 km from Smith Falls in the east to Strathcona in the west. In spring, summer and fall it welcomes everyone from hikers to cyclists. In winter it is open to snowmobilers bearing a current Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs trail permit. Cross-country skiers are welcome to share the trail. Some nice groves of old hemlock occur near Little Lake west of Highway 15, but access is very limited. Forest ages (from ring counts) reach at least 120 years-old, but some trees are likely quite a bit older.
Latitude: 44.62188           Longitude: -76.24820

Google Map Link:,-76.24820

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Directions: Trail Access & Parking Lot at Highway 15 km 34.5 44.6242, -76.2442

Hiking Trail:
  Cataraqui Trail
  Length: 103.0km
  Difficulty(1=Easy, 10=Hard): 1
  Location: 44.62416, -76.24420