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Introducing Ancient Forest Exploration and Research

Ancient Forest Exploration & Research is an organization dedicated to the scientific study of ancient forest ecosystems. This knowledge helps complete human understanding of how natural forests work, and helps to build the case for their protection. Since 1992 Ancient Forest Exploration and Research has been conducting research and educating people about Ontario's ancient forests, with the goal of helping to understand and to preserve some of the last truly natural forest left in eastern North America.

Ancient Forest Exploration and Research is a research and education organization; it is not an advocacy group.


Its activities include:

  • research and conservation planning including collaboration with other environmental NGO's, university researchers, government researchers, student researchers, forest industry and local community groups;
  • exploration designed to identify and describe ancient forest landscapes and produce maps that are useful in conservation;
  • education through volunteer-assisted field research, informal educational programs (e.g., slide presentations, guided tours), formal education (e.g., university and high school field courses), self-guided booklets, publication and distribution of research and exploration reports, and web site postings.

Ancient Forest Exploration and Research is based at the Nipissing Field Centre (NFC), 20 miles southeast of North Bay and seven miles from the northwest corner of Algonquin Provincial Park. The field centre offers accomodations for 20 people, and a library with maps and literature, as well a GIS mapping station.

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