Journeys in ancient and old growth forests


IMG_6659We are accepting submissions to the Ancient Forest Journal, our online publication about forest ecology and conservation. We will consider a variety of articles, but in general articles should:

  • be informed by science
  • relate directly or indirectly to trees and forest ecosystems, including forest-dependent species, and human interactions with trees and forests. We are especially seeking articles with an emphasis on ancient and old-growth forests
  • enhance our understanding of forest ecology and / or forest conservation
  • be of interest to naturalists, scientists, and the general public
  • bring something new to the table. This may include new discoveries, new ways of thinking about conservation, or a new angle on some forest conservation issue
  • target an informed lay audience (limit scientific jargon), and be well written
  • Run between 1000-3000 words (most typically 1200-2000 words)

Prospective authors may be academics, science students, journalism students, members of the NGO community, foresters, informed landowners, etc. If you have a good idea or unique insight but are not a professional writer, send us your best effort and if it adds to the conversation we will edit and suggest improvements where necessary. We are selective about what we publish, but also wish to give voice to people who can add to the larger conversation. A good first step to submission is just to run the idea past us and see if it is of interest before spending a lot of time writing it. We generally cannot pay for submissions.